Its all a bit scary, but exciting at the same time isn't it!

Let me tell you why i do this, and a bit about me!

HI! My name is Stacie!

I'm a design nerd, cat lady and colour geek!

Playing with fonts, colours and graphics is my happy place, pantones colour of the year personally affects me,

and my cat is black so she goes with everything in the house! I've loved making things with my computer for as long

as i can remember, and have been doing this for an actual proper, pay my bills kind of job for about 4 years!

I spend my days designing logos and building strong, inspiring branding options for empowered and determined ladies (like you!)

who want something that is so amazingly them!


I work with you to get that image that has been inside your head, into something real, and into the world!

with your ideas and my magic fingers (and magic programs, in adobe we trust!)

i'll be able to translate this vision into reality, ensuring your branding represents both professionalism and that wow-factor.

(and makes other people go “oh wow! i wish that was my branding!”)


we want to make sure that your branding is so authentically you, something that you wear with pride!

if you're ready to take your business to the next level, lets talk!